Gold Rush Slots

Gold has been an obsession of mankind since time immemorial. The Gold Rush in America in the 19th Century made people rich from nothing! Gold fever was upon the population, and everyone was after it. Catch the gold fever, play Gold Rush Slots, and try your luck on the reels. The 3-reels, along with the single pay line offer a broad spectrum of wagering options, despite its apparent limitations. The wagering is further enhanced by the various coin values. Join the Gold Rush, and try for a goldmine of riches, Hogg payouts, and bucketloads of top-notch entertainment. You have been warned!

Wagering Gold

Gold Rush offers a smooth and transparent cut wagering process. Along with the 3-reels, and one pay line, there are various coin values. They start from a minor $0.10 per coin. The amount of one coin increases exponentially until it reaches the maximum limit of $25 per coin! Considering there is just a single pay line, then betting ranges from $0.10, all the way up to $75 per spin. Gold Rush slots also provide players with something special; the jackpot. The win during regular play amounts to a generous 3,000 coins. This increases to 6,000 coins if it is triggered during the Free Spins. The first jackpot will gift you 1,600 beautiful winning coins! The second one gives out 1,000 coins. Despite the fact that Gold Rush Slots is a 3-reel slot with just one pay line, then the broad spectrum of wagering options will appeal to all player types, be they high rollers going for the $75 per spin upper limit, or novices who prefer the $0.10 bet. Both are catered for, and both can enjoy the beauty of the game in its purest form.

Golden Icons

The Golden Nugget symbol is the one to watch out after, as it can win you the jackpot if you land all three of them on the reels. You will also find Gold Bars, Golden Sevens, Cherries, a mining Pick, and other similar paraphernalia. The symbols are essentially traditional ones, found on early slot machines across the United States during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Other symbols include; a fearsome looking Indian chief, a silver sheriff’s badge, a bag of golden nuggets, a pair of golden bullets, and a cacti bonus icon. Making up the list of symbols are those other classics of the era; the high card values. Therefore, you will also find 9, 10, J, Q, K, and Ace symbols on the reels.

Gold Rush Mobile

If you prefer to use a mobile device to play Gold Rush, then you have a streamlined, and fully optimised version ready at the tips of your fingers. Whether you use a tablet, or smartphone, or both, you can play Gold Rush slots at your leisure. Furthermore, the game can be enjoyed in Instant Play mode, without the need to download the game, or casino software to your device. The PC version is, of course, still available for those who prefer that option.

Gold Rush Summary

Gold Rush slots offer a more traditional, uncluttered gaming experience. The 3-reels and one pay line provide that correctly. The wagering is wide-ranging despite the one pay line. The maximum bet of $75 per spin is a testimony to the broad range of wagering options. The symbols being a retro look to the game, as does the backdrop, and sound effects. You almost feel you are in a casino in Las Vegas gambling away on a mechanical slot, and such is the atmosphere the game manages to create. Factor in the mobile version and the lack of bonuses doesn’t seem to matter that much. Come on inside, and try a pure and traditional gaming experience second to none.