Mega Money Mine Slots

Mega Money Mine slots are a three reel and one single pay line progressive jackpot slot game by WGS Technology. The theme is money, big money. This slot game is for those who don't mind spending a few bucks since the coin values are fixed at $1.50 for each reel. There are no wild or multiplier symbols, nor any bonus games. All you have to do is keep spinning with hopes of hitting that progressive jackpot.

Wagering three coins per spin is how you win the progressive jackpot but unlike most other slots with a progressive jackpot, playing with fewer coins can still pay out, just not as much. This makes Mega Money Mine slots very eye-catching. Single coin jackpot wins 15% of progressive jackpot, 2x coin jackpot wins 30% of progressive jackpot, and 3x coin jackpot wins 100% of progressive jackpot.

On average, since December 2009, Mega Money Mine has paid $288,112 per jackpot. The symbols used in this slot game include Cherries, Mines, Sevens, Diamonds, Shovels, Gold Bars, Single Bars and Double bars.