Reel Deal Slots

Reel Deal Slots is a video slot game that is a very basic slot game that is also new in the sense that it contains some social components. Basically, this means that social media such as Facebook can’t stop talking about it. Reel Deal Slots incorporates a few different virtual slot machines into one. The benefit here is that Reel Deal Slots offers an innovative and diverse style of game play. Within Reel Deal Sots are distinct bonuses and mini games.

Pay lines are not Standard

Reel Deal Slots comes with five reels and the pay lines can vary. Three or more of certain symbols dictate how many pay lines will be activated and made available to you. The pay lines also do not have to run across the screen as they can be active in numerous fashions. Your wagers are also very versatile as well. How much you can win depends on how much you bet and what symbols you land on.

Reel Deal Variations

These variations that are offered on Reel Deal Slots are what keep it interesting. As you advance through the game you will find more and more interesting and profitable additions to enjoy. These include the bonuses and the additional mini games that are within the game itself. They also increase your chances of winning.

Bragging Rights

Remember, this slot game is based on social media so you get your spins in a “Farmville” type fashion. They are gifted to you by other social media peers or you invite them to join the fun. The game is continuously changing. What players like about Reel Deal Slots is the fact that they can win and then post it on their status for all of their friends to see. Tournaments are also part of Reel Deal Slots.

The Difference

If you like slot games, than this one will win you over in a heartbeat. One of the big differences with this slot game is that real money is not really an option of winning. Many people have followed the Reel Deal Slot Series and those people are sure to have a great time with this one as well.

Join in on the fun with Reel Deal Slots and increase your social butterfly status. This is a slot game that you can enjoy with your FB friends and have much to talk about while sharing the experience together.