Amanda Panda Slots

Amanda Panda Slots is a new slot game with an Australian theme. It features a giant Panda in search of a treasure situated in a number of ancient relics. It is a five reel and 25-payline bonus video slot with a jackpot of $7500, Amanda Panda involves wilds, scatters, free spins and a lucrative bonus game.

The symbols include the Amanda Panda Logo, the Ruin Entrance, Birds, Amanda Panda, Golden Artifact, and Map, Tools, and cards ace through nine. The Ruin Entrance symbol is the scatter and when three or more appear you will soon enter the Ruins.

In order to gain access to the ruins, you have to match two halves of a key that will unlock the door. There are four keys that you will be able to match in order to determine what your multiplier will be during the free spins round. After you make the key match, you will begin the free spins round with the multiplier given up to 5xs.

During The Secret Chamber Feature, you will be transported to a secret room full of treasures. Here you will find 15 items. But there are obstacles that could prevent you from collecting these treasures. There is the Danger zone and an escape button if you want to end the game before it gets too dangerous for you to stay.

If you collect as many items as possible before filling the Danger meter, you can walk away with lots of money. You can win over $12,000 during the bonus round!