Island Hoppers Slots

If you are looking for a little Caribbean adventure, Island Hoppers slots just might be up your alley. This charming slot game has three reels and three pay lines. The theme of this slot is to bounce around to various Caribbean islands to find the mighty jackpot while avoiding the Bermuda Triangle. There is a minimum wager of a dime and a top wager of $30 per spin.

The symbols on the reels include flight wings, airplanes, 7's, and bar symbols. The top jackpot is 1500 coins. That's it, this slot game is very easy to play and very straightforward. There is no wild symbols and no scatters.

The Stop Spin feature is enabled in this slot game. It allows you to stop the reels spinning at any time and see if you have hit a winning combination, as opposed to waiting for them to stop on their own.