Red, White and Win Slots

Red White and Win Slots is a three reel and one single pay line progressive slot game. The stakes are high in Red White and Win Slots since the fixed amount is 2.50 for the coin size and you can wager 1 to 3 coins. You have to be betting the max in order to win the top jackpot. The top bet is then $7.50. There are 11 winning combinations in Red White and Win Slots. How much the jackpot is worth is determined by the combination of symbols on the center reel and the amount of the wager. The Statue of Liberty is a wild symbol and if it lands anywhere on the reels you win. The American Flag is the jackpot symbol. Three of these symbols on the pay line and the jackpot is yours. Now, playing one coin you only get 5% of the jackpot, two coins gets you 10% but with three you get it all. Other symbols include the Golden Eagle Head, George Washington, red, white and blue double bars, triple bars and single bars and a variety of 7's.