Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X is a superb 3-reel slot that isn’t afraid to be different. If the name is indicative of what is to come, then Turkey Shoot Wild X offers much promise. Does the game actually deliver? The single pay line accompanies the 3-reels, creating a modest, yet satisfying game play. The game is set against the backdrop of a large turkey, with the reels superimposed upon it. The turkey is wearing an extraordinary hat, and surrounded by a large number of fresh and healthy vegetables. The game also features a Wild symbol, multiplier prizes as well as a bonus feature. That is certainly enough to attract interest!

Wagering on the Turkey

The betting options being somewhat limited, the coin sizes make up for that in part. Coin sizes vary from $1, up to $10, and a maximum of three coins is permitted as the maximum limit. So the range is from $1, up to a maximum of $30 per spin.

Payout Combinations

Turkey Shoot Wild X slots has a clear pay table, which shows all the combinations. There are seven game symbols which add a touch of gambling fever to the proceedings. All seven symbols have three payouts, depending on how many coins are wagered. Starting with the lowest paying symbol, the cherry, which pays out from 2 to 4 coins. Two of the cherries pay out between 5 and 10 coins, with three of them gaining 10 to 20 coins! The Triple Bar pays out 15 to 30 coins. The triple golden dollar combination pay out from 20, to 40 coins. The triple red seven pays out 20 to 40 coins. The triple Wild 2x symbol combination increases the payouts considerably up to 500, and 1000 coins! There is also a special triple combination including the 2x Wild symbol, along with the 5x Turkey Shoot logo symbol. This combination pays out from 2000 to 4000 coins. With the highest paying symbol being the triple 5x Turkey Shoot logo symbol. This combination pays out a generous 5,000 coins for a single credit bet, 10,000 for a double, and 15,000 if you bet all three credits. There are a number of different multipliers one can find playing the game. These multipliers can rise to a high 25x the wager, depending on the symbol combinations.

Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus

If the main game character; the Turkey lands on the third reel, you automatically enter the Wild Turkey Shoot Bonus round, where you can win up to 500 coins! It is an endearing round with lots of chances to increase your credit balance considerably!

Summary of the Game

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots is a luscious slot with lots of turkey hunting action! The casino features aren’t bad either. There is a bonus round, Wild feature and more besides. The wagering is pleasing and efficient, and the theme is engaging and gives the game colour and that touch of humour. Try out Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots, you won’t be dissatisfied or disappointed, and the turkey could give you luck, and grant the highest payout the game has to offer! Enjoy shooting those fat turkeys!